Welcome to ArcaTribe

is dedicated to supporting individual and collective paths through inspiration, celebration, and sustainable community while expanding Love through the exploration of the Divine within. Our Mission:

  • We are seekers, earth lovers, and creatives, called to evolution.
  • We gather to share food, space, laughter and grief.
  • We are dedicated to birthing a new paradigm, by exploring heart connections, practicing harmony in all our relations, inspiring change and celebrating life.

The One Rule: In this place of peace, I will be responsible, reasonable, and respectful to myself, others, and the environment.


On each fall equinox and New Year’s the community gathers to meet one another and celebrate in sober vents. These events are Symmetree¬†and Intention Alberta, respectively. With new people participating each year, every event is created by the community for the community, which makes for a unique experience every time.

Planning for Intention 16 is underway, so stay tuned for more information if you’d like to attend or get involved.